Thursday, December 10, 2015

The struggle of a rookie blogger

Struggle of a rookie blogger 

greetings readers, in this blog i will be sharing my journey of starting and maintaining blogs.
I would use this blog to share my experience to help you,  give tips i learn along the way.
If you wanna start a blog or have one already follow my journey and lets grow together.

  1. Share your journey. 
  2. write for us.
  3. grow your audience.

Article zero (where the journey beings)

 So i was on a holiday when the idea struck me. "I should start a blog" because I'm good at writing. Turns out i was wrong, its only been a week and i am already running 6 different blogs. I started with a blog on watches 
( because i share a passion for watches. I created a beautiful post about one and just let the blog run for a night. After leaving it alone all night i wake up to check how many views i got turns out only 6. Now i was furious because i am extremely impatient but at the same time i don't quit. So i created one about gadgets ( and it got 16 so that was huge for me. I carried it on for 3 days and got 400 views. That got me so excited and i wanted to take it forward. The reason behind that boom i am going to share in the tips and tricks.
MY experience was challenging as its nerve wrecking because it takes effort to make an article and then nobody appreciates it.

key to success (tips)

  1. wait and wait calmly for the rewards.
  2. experiment- start a couple blogs and see which one works the best.
  3. start an instagram account and follow as many people as you can. Promote your blog.

follow the blog and please comment.
Thankyou for reading people follow the blog so that you and i can grow together.
Struggling blogger out.
see you next week with more tips, tricks and your experiences.