Saturday, March 19, 2016

Deep undercover

Deep undercover

Its been nearly 3 months since i started blogging and i finally think I'm starting to get some recognition.

i have come a long way but i have also suffered a couple of set backs.
Looking at the bright side i have made a significant increase when it comes to views in my top three blogs, and my findings still stand tall as "tech" related blogs top the charts. I also contested my first give away on my instagram ID for which i got paid, yes you heard correctly. I gave away a 1plus smart phone and got paid $700 dollars for promoting,reviewing and giving away the product.that only happened because i dint stop pestering them and they finally agreed because of my USP, which was that i was a very young blogger and showed maturity. The second news that should have been exciting turned to the most dreadful news, my account qualified for adsense but got rejected for insufficient content. I'll tell you how you can avoid that mistake.
As you can make out I've made a significant jump in views and followers and these numbers grow at an average of 30 views a day.

The great new IDEA!-
Do you really want some recognition then create a blog that gives out free content e.g.- free debates or speeches or even advice.
Key to success-
 Consistency, you must be constance with your work no matter what. Vow to yourself that you will publish 1 article every week and create a new blog every month.
Things to avoid-
 Tables and comparisons, the reason my other blog was rejected because it had little content, so you must remember to write lengthy reviews while keeping in mind headings and summary.

example of what not to do!

example of what to do.
All the best guys, i am always here leading the way for rookie bloggers like us and warning you about the things you could avoid and create the recipe for success with the right tools. 
This is struggling blogger signing off...

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