Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Draw attention

How to get noticed online-

Marketing hacks- 

The biggest struggle of any blogger or vlogger is, How to grab attention to yourself.

If you have  basic knowledge of how a business works you should totally get this.
I want you to memorize this formula-


No matter what it might be a business or a fruit tree you need to invest your time, money and resources and in the process there are some factors that you can control and some that you can't. 
e.g.- A garden lets say you plant an orange tree and to do so you ll need seeds,soil,water,time,effort and various other resources.
Now you can control the water that the plant gets or the type of fertilizer but you can't control the sun. So don't be to hard on yourself and don't blame everything that goes wrong on yourself.
So remember take the risk and  plant the seed and give it your best and hope for the rest.


The steps you have to take to invest in your blog are-
  1. Think of a theme 
  2. build unique content on that
  3. advertise it through word of mouth or social media
  4. Sign up for advisor and advertise your blog.
All of this in total would cost you around ($50).
You don't come up with a blog that scores a million views over night, you build it slowly
  1. be regular not rapid. Post blogs on spaced intervals to get more views.
  2. Research, read blogs that attract you then understand what about them attracts you.

Total time (4 months)


Now that you have invested in your business and spend the time to grow it, its time to eat the fruits. You can turn that attention into something useful and sign up for adsense.


there are some amazing tricks that you could also use-

  1. instagram just create a page on instagram and follow every potential reader for that blog.
eg- i created a blog on tech reviews which only got about 60 views so what i did was created an insta ID and went to a preexisting tech page and followed everyone and in a week i got 1000 followers.
2. Drop regular messages on other peoples blogs and soon enough you will get noticed and then you can request them to let you write an article for there page. you can use that to get easy views to your blog.

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